24kt Gold Leptoseris

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 This Leptoseris has a brilliant golden yellow color with purple eyes.


 Water Flow: Medium
Lighting: Medium
Tank Placement: Lower to middle
Temperament: Non-aggressive
Growth Pattern: Encrusting, but may plate in certain situations


Photo may not be actual coral, colors may vary. We show a combination of stock photos from the supplier and if available, a photo we take. Photos we take are shot  under ViparSpectra lighting using Orphek orange and macro lenses with a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in pro mode to adjust color to as close to eye as possible.


Our target water parameters:

*fluctuations will vary

Salinity: 1.026-1.026
Temperature: 78*
Alkalinity: 8.3-8.6
Calcium: 420-440
Magnesium: 1350-1400