Bidding Details

All auctions start at $1.

A blind reserve is placed on all items, but it is very low! Bid to win!

Bids placed within the last minute automatically extend the auction by another minute! This is a snipe free zone!

Photos are the best representation of the item we have, expect lighting differences, tank parameters and transporting of corals to have effects on the coloration of corals. We do not photo enhance corals for the purpose of making them appear more brighter or colored up than they actually are. Photos are under LEDs with an orange lens filter than anyone can purchase.

Items can be picked up in store or delivered within 20 miles of the store for free at the end of auction. Coral orders that total $200 or more can be shipped nationwide, they'll be sent overnight.

Software Disclaimer:

We use a 3rd party auction plugin for our website and we take no liability for glitches in their software. In the event that there become an issue we'll handle it on a case by case basis, as with all software and technology, things happen from time to time that are unexpected. Human error is also to be accounted for. An obvious oversight in time ending, auction doesn't match picture or description, reserve isn't set or malfunctions, errors in shipping details are entered or accidental billing will all be delt with on case by case basis. Bidding is fun and is an activity we provide for pleasure, please do not abuse the system or we will have no choice but to end this option. Keep it fun and fair for everyone!